The cadre – active duty Army and Army Reserve instructors and staff – are committed to providing cadets with the best education and training available to prepare them to lead.


Lieutenant Colonel Matthew Tillman

Professor of Military Science

CSU/UNC MS IV Instructor
Office phone: 970-491-1638

MSG Joseph Caramillo

Senior Military Instructor

CSU/UNC MS III Instructor
Office phone: 970-491-1641

Mr. Peter Bleich, Jr.

Scholarship and Enrollment Officer

Office phone: 970-491-1640
Cell phone:  970-988-0174

Instructors and Staff

MAJ Jon Parker

Assistant Professor
Executive Officer
Office phone: 970-491-3101

CPT Joshua Curtis

Assistant Professor
CSU MS II Instructor
Office phone:  970-491-6507

SFC Garrick Stroud

Military Instructor
CSU MS I and MS II Instructor
Office phone: 970-491-3214

Mr. Al Armonda

Military Instructor
MS I Instructor
Office phone: 970-491-7964

Dawna Denison

Human Resources Assistant
Office phone: 970-491-6506

David “Chief” Gutierres

Office phone: 970-491-6360