Photo of The Ram Battalion Cadre, Colorado State University Army ROTC, April 1, 2021

The cadre – active duty Army and Army Reserve instructors and staff – are committed to providing cadets with the best education and training available to prepare them to lead.


Photo of Lieutenant Colonel Matthew Tillman, Professor of Military Science

Lieutenant Colonel Matthew Tillman

Professor of Military Science
CSU/UNC MS IV Instructor

Office Phone: 970-491-1638




Photo of Master Sergeant Joseph Camarillo, Senior Military Instructor

MSG Joseph Camarillo

Senior Military Instructor
CSU/UNC MS III Instructor

Photo of Peter Bleich, Enrollment and Scholarship Officer

Mr. Peter Bleich, Jr.

Scholarship and Enrollment Officer

Office phone: 970-491-1640
Cell phone:  970-988-0174


Instructors and Staff

Photo of Major Ryan Raleigh, Assistant Professor of Military Science

MAJ Ryan Raleigh

Assistant Professor
Executive Officer
Office phone: 970-491-3101
Photo of Captain Joshua Curtis, Assistant Professor of Military Science

CPT Joshua Curtis

Assistant Professor
CSU MS II Instructor
Office phone: 970-491-6507
Photo of Sergeant First Class Garrick Stroud, Military Science Instructor

SFC Garrick Stroud

Military Instructor
CSU MS I and MS II Instructor
Office phone: 970-491-3214
Photo of Albert Armonda, Military Science Instructor

Mr. Al Armonda

Military Instructor
MS I Instructor
Office phone: 970-491-7964
Photo of Captain Kevin Frey, Assistant Professor of Military Science

CPT Kevin Frey

Assistant Professor
Office phone: 970-491-5879
Photo of Sergeant First Class Amran Moore, Military Science Instructor

SFC Amran Moore

Military Science Instructor
Office phone: 970-491-6438
Photo of David Gutierres, Supply Technician

Dawna Denison

Human Resources Assistant
Office phone: 970-491-6506