Our motto - leaders in peace and war

The Ram Battalion is organized to resemble a regular Army battalion, with a cadet commander and operations staff.  The cadets themselves are responsible for planning and completing a wide variety of program activities.  Senior cadets are the officers of the battalion, juniors and sophomores are the noncommissioned officers, and the freshmen form the core of the platoons.

Labs and Classes in the ROTC curriculum

Military Science classes are held twice a week. They start with a general orientation to military structure and codes of conduct in your first two years, and progress to training in military tactics and battle scenarios in your junior and senior years.

Leadership labs
Leadership labs support the curriculum taught in the classes. Conducted once a week, they are an orientation to much of what a student needs to know to be successful in the Army. The training consists of land navigation, basic rappelling, movement and maneuver, and intelligence, to name a few of the skills taught.

ROTC cadets take military science classes each semester as well as participating in on- and off-campus activities.  Review the list of classes here.  Discover which activities you want to pursue here.

Basic Course

The Basic Course consists of classes and labs, and is usually taken during the first two years of college.  During these years there is no military obligation on the part of the student.  Basic classes cover subjects such as leadership development, military history, the soldier’s creed and the warrior’s ethos, and the customs and traditions of Army service.

Advanced Course

Students who demonstrate the potential to become officers and meet the physical and scholastic standards are eligible to enroll in the Advanced Course in the third and fourth years of college. They receive training in management, tactics, ethics, and develop leadership skills. The Advanced Course includes paid training during the summer between the junior and senior years.

The Four Year Program

The Four Year Program consists of the Basic Course and the Advanced Course.  Military science classes can be taken as general elective credits or to earn a minor in Military Science. Consult the university’s catalog for more information about the military science classes and to learn more about the minor.

The Two Year Program

The two year program is an option for students who did not take Basic ROTC courses in their freshman and sophomore years. The student will participate in four weeks of basic leadership instruction during the summer before their junior year.  Students are paid to attend the training and also have the opportunity to compete for two year scholarships. After successful completion of the training, students who meet all the requirements can enroll in the Advanced Course.