Photo of ROTC cadets with Cam the Ram

CSU Army ROTC offers a variety of clubs and extracurricular activities that aim to connect the program with our campus community and foster a well-rounded ROTC cadet experience. ROTC is a fun way to get involved in campus life! Cadets and cadre support CSU football games and other university events like homecoming, get involved in local community service, and opportunities to get outside and engage in adventure activities.


Photo of cadets participating in the Bataan march


Bataan Memorial Death March in White Sands Missile Range is a competition that brings over 8,000 participants from all over the globe to honor the service members that were forced to march 65 miles to confinement camps in the Philippines during WWII. Cadets have the opportunity to train for and participate in the Memorial Death March during Spring semester.

Cadet Fund

Cadet Fund

Cadet Fund is responsible for the funds specifically allocated to and earned by cadets for training purposes and leadership development. The cadets also propose ideas for fundraising and community engagement for Army ROTC at CSU.

Firearms Education Club-Feb23

Firearms Education Club

Firearms Education Club (FEC) is a cadet-run organization that operates within the Ram Battalion. Overseen by cadre faculty advisor, the FEC leadership team works to provide cadets with essential firearms and marksmanship skills pertinent to success in the Army.

Land Nav 5


Orienteering Club provides opportunities for cadets to learn and practice their land navigation skills. This helps prepare cadets for land navigation at Advanced Camp and beyond and is a critical skill for an officer. Orienteering meetings take place year-round and include classroom instruction, practical exercises, field training, and competitions.

Poudre Muskets 2022_Snow Hike

Poudre Muskets

Founded in 1922 as a drill team, Poudre Muskets evolved to confront challenges facing the Army in the 1960’s. This cadet-led club provides additional training opportunities to hone tactical and technical skills relevant to today’s considerations. Poudre Muskets set the standard for others to follow, striving to improve themselves and each other. Skill focus includes land navigation, mountaineering, survival training, mission planning, leadership, and more. View Poudre Musket Company scrapbooks 1961-1970 from CSU Libraries Archives.

Ranger Challenge_Oct22

Ranger Challenge

Ranger Challenge is the Army ROTC Varsity Sport. A Ram Battalion cadet team competes against other ROTC university programs in the Rocky Mountain Region in a 10K Foot March, One-Rope Bridge River Crossing, M-16 Assembly, Land Navigation, Marksmanship, and more.


Scabbard and Blade

Scabbard and Blade is a Military Honor Society centered around engaging with the community through volunteering. Some of the volunteer events and organizations that CSU Army ROTC has worked with in the past are: Habitat for Humanity, FOCO Rescue Mission, the Food Bank for Larimer County and St. Jude Children’s Hospital.



Valor is the only Christian group affiliated with Army ROTC and Air Force ROTC. During joint meetings, cadets focus on studying the bible to learn about Christ in both civilian and military life.



Bronze Boot Run

Bronze Boot Run is an annual tradition that takes place the week of the CSU vs. UW football game. Cadets run a relay for the 39 miles between Fort Collins and the Wyoming border. The Bronze Boot was first awarded as a trophy in this football series in 1968, but the rivalry dates back to 1899 and is one of the oldest traditions in college football. Article: Bronze Boot celebrates 30 years


Cannon Crew

Since 1920, Cannon Crew has fired “Comatose”, a WWI era 75mm Field Gun, on the sidelines to support the Rams football team every time they score. Cannon Crew carries on the Field Artillery lineage of the CSU AROTC program back when CSU strictly commissioned Field Artillery Officers. Cannon Crew is at every football game, travels to the border for the Bronze Boot ceremony, and other campus events.


Color Guard

Color Guard is a service opportunity for cadets to represent the CSU ROTC program. The Ram Battalion’s Color Guard is tasked with providing a four-man detail for sporting events, graduation ceremonies, and VFW special events. Participating in the Color Guard is an excellent opportunities to engage the community and learn valuable drill and ceremony movements.

German Arms

German Armed Forces Proficiency Badge

German Arms Proficiency is a two-day event in which cadets test their proficiency in marksmanship, swimming, physical fitness, chemical warfare, and road marching.  Cadets can earn a bronze, silver or gold badge for their performance. This badge is one of the few honors cadets may wear on their uniform after commissioning from the program.

Pushup Crew

Push-Up Crew

The Push-Up Crew is a great opportunity for cadets to represent the Ram Battalion in front of a large crowd. Every home game our cadets do push-ups in the endzone for every point our CSU Rams score during the game. This crew is a longstanding tradition for CSU Rams.

Ram Town


Ramtown is a volunteer organization that works collaboratively with the CSU athletics program to set up inflatables for kids during football games tailgates. It is an excellent form of community outreach for the battalion, and one of the few chance’s cadets get to interact with the community while in uniform.