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CSU Army ROTC boasts a wide array of military training and socialization opportunities, and a robust physical fitness readiness regiment to keep our cadets in top athletic shape.

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Physical Training (PT)

CSU Army Physical Training occurs every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 0600 to 0700. During this time cadets participate in workouts designed to provide them with the physical aptitude to complete any task put in front of them.  Training consists of a mix of cardio, weight training, and load bearing exercises.

Army Combat Fitness Test (ACFT)

The Army Combat Fitness Test is currently in the process of being adopted by the Army. It consists of six exercises designed to apply directly to physical tasks that may be encountered in the Army.

Health and Exercise Science Partnership

Since 2019 CSU ROTC has worked closely with the Colorado State University Health and Exercise Science Department to develop workouts that are holistically and physiologically beneficial to training cadets. A focal point of the collaboration between the two departments is the work done on analyzing effective training methods to maximize ACFT results. RAM TOUGH!


Leadership labs support the curriculum taught in the classes. Conducted once a week, tactical labs are an orientation to much of what a student needs to know to be successful in the Army. The training consists of land navigation, basic rappelling, movement and  maneuver, and intelligence, to name a few of the skills taught.

Field Training Exercise (FTX)

FTX occurs once per semester. They consist of a weekend long training period in which cadets learn valuable Army skills, such as marksmanship, land navigation, and patrolling operations. During Fall FTX, cadets have the extra opportunity to perform in obstacle courses and field leadership reaction courses (FLRC). Watch a clip of FTX!

Super Lab

Once a year cadets gather in Lory State Park to complete a land navigation course. Armed with compasses and protractors, MSI’s and MSII’s team up to find a series of points located throughout the foothills. MSIII’s set out on their own to hone their land navigation skills in preparation for cadet summer training.

Combat Water Survival Test (CWST)

The CWST, or Combat Water Survival Test, is a commissioning requirement completed by cadets once a year to test cadet’s stamina while completing a series of aquatic events.

10-minute swim – Cadets need to show their proficiency to swim for 10 continuous minutes without assistance.

Equipment swim – Cadets are required to swim 25 meters in full ACUs, with a rifle and a full LBE.

Don & Ditch – Wearing an LBE and holding an M-16 the cadet is held over the edge of the pool and dropped in backwards. The cadet must fully submerge, remove the LBE and drop the rifle before reemerging out of the water.

Tread water – Cadets must tread water for 5 minutes without assistance or breaks.

3-meter board – While blindfolded, cadets walk off a 3-meter diving board with a rifle into deep water. Without losing control of their rifle, cadets resurface and swim to the edge of the pool with their rifle.

Formal Events

The CSU Ram Battalion typically has two formal events per year, Dining In and the Military Ball. Dining In provides the battalion an opportunity to gather together in an atmosphere of camaraderie, good fellowship, fun, and social rapport. Dining In takes place during the fall semester and is held at the University of Northern Colorado. During spring semester, the Military Ball is held at Colorado State University. Military personnel wear their dress uniforms and socialize with other cadets, cadre, and guests. Both events are traditional Army occasions.